Express data recovery is only $249.

We use industry leading data recovery tools to repair all brands of hard drive. Our most common data recovery service is only $249. We will quote if additional services are required.

ISO Class 5 cleanroom services.

Our ISO Class 5 dust free environment ensures high quality results for head parking, head replacement, and motor casing replacement services.

Download your data from our secure cloud.

Try our new secure file hosting service to download your data at no additional charge. Download at your Internet speed up to 30MB/s through an easy to use web interface.

Receive your data on the drive of your choosing.

Get the drive that you want when shipping data to you. We will purchase the drive of your choice and only charge the bare cost of the drive.

No Data, No Fee.

Expert technicians with the right tools will work on retrieving your data. If the data that you want is not recovered, there is no charge for the service.