Shipping FAQ

Preparing a Package

You are required to provide a tracking number when sending us packages.

Do not send a drive to store the recovered data. We will allow you to choose your destination drive at cost. You can also download your data at no additional cost.

If the recovery is unsuccessful, you can request for us to send the drive back to you at your cost. On a successful recovery, we will not be returning anything you send in.

Only send the drive not the computer. If needed, please find a technician to remove the drive from your computer.

Do not send the drive enclosure if you want to keep it for future use.

Enclose the drive in an antistatic bag or freezer bag. Provide at least 2-inches of padding around the drive and tape the padding in-place.

Use a box to ship, not a mailer envelope.

Free Shipping with Canada Post

Contact us to set up a work order where we offer free diagnostic and shipping from anywhere in Canada. For insurance purposes, use a declared value for the drive and data that you are able to prove.

USA and International

Use the following address to ship your drive to us from outside of Canada:

PO BOX 99900 BZ 933 068

Ensure you send us the tracking number so we can receive your package. For customs, use a declared value of zero dollars or “gift”, since you did not receive any money from us for the item. For insurance purposes, use a value that you can prove.